Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Head in the sand or enthusiastic embrace… how are you planning for impact of the new law?

Allergen Legislation; Food Information Regulations 2013

Head in the sand or enthusiastic embrace… how are you planning for impact of the new law?

You may be aware that from December 13th 2014, yet more legislation will impact on all organisations selling food. Please don’t let the current anti EU wave allow you to become emboldened to ignore this EU directive becoming British Law for the fines are heavy and be assured enforcement agencies and lawyers are busy preparing targets for criminal and civil prosecutions.

However uncomfortable you may feel at being forced to comply, spare a thought for those plus their family and friends who cannot and do not dine out regularly due to their allergies. In the aftermath of the horse meat scandal most consumers want more not less information and enhanced confidence that we are eating what is says on the label. I think more and more of us will be unsettled by companies moaning that they have to specify what is in their products; I for one react favourably to reference of ingredients with provenance and will buy with increased confidence from those who can readily list ingredients and their properties.

There are many areas where we can quite justifiably campaign for less government and administrative burden, this is not one we can or should fight. As vendors we have both a moral and legal responsibility to our customers and this law will help enshrine best practice by some into basic practice by everyone, benefiting not only customers but all who work in food; processing, manufacturing and service as improved training, better supplier relationships and more informed customers lead to increased confidence and sales.

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